March 15

The last, lazy days of summer are finally upon us and at the Marly Boutique Hotel in Camps Bay, we ensure that we make the most of every single sun filled day! But with so much on offer, from the brilliant beaches and picturesque mountain side to the sublime selection of local eateries, and so little time, it’s good to know just how to get the most out of what remains of these sun-soaked days. That’s why we’ve decided to make it a little easier for you with our definite list of the top 5 ways to end off your summer with a bang in Camps Bay!

1. There’s nothing more popular here in Camps Bay than our pristine beaches! With the gorgeous, bright blue Atlantic Ocean at your constant disposal, there’s a myriad of water based activities on offer to the water babies out there, from surfing and kite-surfing to paddle boarding or just frolicking in the waves. Then make use of the ample and spacious beach for a game or 2 of volleyball with some friends. For the more relaxed beach-goer, there is obvious choice to just lounge around and soak up some sun, while it’s still out and about.

2. If you’re feeling fit and up for the challenge, then why not take advantage of the absolute plethora of hiking trails that surround Camps Bay, such as Porcupine Ravine or Tranquility Cracks Hike. Most are not for the faint of heart, but rest assured that conquering the summit is well worth the task, as you’re rewarded with the some of the most breath-taking and awe-inspiring views in the world. And find comfort in the fact that once you’ve come back down there’s a luxurious and cosy bed with your name on it at the Marly Boutique Hotel.

3. Known as the Sunset Strip, Camps Bay is world renowned for its exquisite sunsets. Take advantage of these superb natural wonders with sundowners at the best cocktail spot in Camp’s Bay, Paranga, ideally placed on the strip, allowing guests to wonder off the beach and enjoy the very best of cocktails and culinary delicacies.

4. Summer would not be done without a Summer’s Feast, and there’s no better feast than Japanese style sushi, traditionally prepared. Umi offers guests authentic, contemporary Japanese fare, with innovative, inventive twists. Besides the fabulous food, there’s also the edgy yet elegant décor and vibey buzz that tends to permeate throughout the restaurant. For the true connoisseurs there’s also the sensational and distinctive Whisky Bar, with one of the largest collections of premier whisky from around the world. Or perhaps stop by the lovely la Belle for lunch time baked treats and delicacies to tease and entice you. If you’d prefer something a bit different, wonder into the welcoming embrace of Zenzero, that offers alluring Italian cuisine with zesty, spicy and feisty touches.

5. Why go out when you could experience the best of luxury and Camps Bay poolside at the Marly Boutique Hotel! With Stunning, stylish décor and a pristine pool, all whilst enjoying a delectable beverage, expertly prepared at our poolside bar. It’s the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Summer lights up the Sunset Strip like no other season, so why not make the most of what’s left? With comfort and luxury like no other, the Marly Boutique Hotel will ensure that your stay is memorable and enchanting.

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