April 14

Location, Location, Location, we definitely have it! What has been dubbed the latest place to see and be seen on the Camps Bay Strip, The Marly Hotel is surely standing out as one of the most sought after venues on the platinum mile.

Gold is so overrated… We live in a day and age where platinum has taken the stage, not just in a sense of fashion but let’s be honest, the market reflects the same thing…In keeping with the times, The Marly, also known as the new gem on the Camps Bay strip, has clad their lavishly chic hotel in 50 shades of grey (we couldn’t resist), no in all honesty, think futuristic, but not cold, straight lines but not really, silver, platinum and a splash of colour, in short, this gem is more like royalties engagement ring… which brings us to our next point, royalty.

We’ve had quite a laugh before we opened our doors at reasons people conjured up for the naming of our hotel. We’ve heard many strange and bemusing ideas (no it’s NOT because of Bob Marley), but none as rich and stylish as the true origin which was revealed at the launch. The Marly is in fact named after Château de Marly, a luxury royal residence in France which at one stage homed Louise XIV of France.

So what makes our hotel so amazing that we feel confident enough to name it after a château housing royalty? For one, did we mention location yet? ;) In all seriousness, The Marly boutique hotel in Camps Bay has already attained its 5 star status for one, which is not surprising when one considers the modern amenities and facilities available in our luxury suites. In fact even if we were to strip the rooms down to a shell, and simply throw a worn mattress in a corner, the balcony and views of the expanse azure ocean will take you to a place so far away that it has to be paradise on earth. Perhaps the ocean makes you queasy? Not to worry, open your windows and enjoy views of the Twelve Apostles that are so breathtaking you would question whether this is paradise on earth or the heavens…

Ok fine, so we have amazing views, pristine location and décor so stylish and uniquely futuristic Daft Punk would be inspired to create their next award winning album just from looking at pictures of it, but is that all, (we ask as if that is not enough)? OK maybe there is more ;)…

Out comes the next drawing card… Umi is the latest addition to our family of Kove Collection restaurants. This Modern Japanese restaurant boasts the freshest Japanese/Asian style cuisine with a twist. We all know sushi is in actual fact of Japanese origin, so there is no need for us to elaborate on how amazing ours is. Are you feeling a tad bit parched? Umi’s 80 seater bar/lounge is the ideal spot for sipping on martinis and watching over the Camps Bay bodies, or beach if you prefer ;)

Our launch party this past December saw so many feet come through our doors and it hasn’t stopped, be a part of the elite crowd and be sure to stop by!

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